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- First Responder Agencies Only -

To request Air Support call the 24-Hour Dispatch Center:

(224) 321-5009

press "0" for the Dispatch Center

Important! Please be ready to provide the following information:

1. Name, city/town and county of the requesting agency
2. Your name and position with requesting agency
3. Your direct call-back number
4. Name of incident commander or supervisor, and their direct phone #
5. Nature of request (i.e.: person search, felony in progress, structure fire, etc.)
6. General location of incident
7. Times relative to incident (i.e.: time since occurred, etc.)

After providing AIR-ONE dispatch with this information, your incident commander or supervisor will be called by AIR-ONE command for further details and situation update.

All emergency call-outs are subject to approval by AIR-ONE command. If the mission falls within the capabilities of our aircraft, equipment and crew, and weather is conducive for safe flight, AIR-ONE will arrange for a helicopter to be sent to your location. The safety of the crew and all personnel on the ground is our #1 priority. AIR-ONE cannot guarantee availability and all emergency call-outs are evaluated individually from a safety and capability standpoint. AIR-ONE may also dispatch ground support personnel to the incident location to assist with the air support operation.

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