N255MK during New Orleans Rescue Mission

Specialized Equipment -

Each AIR-ONE helicopter is (or will be) equipped with the latest technologies in thermal imaging systems, color video cameras, search lights, public service (Police & Fire) communication radios, street level mapping systems and more. As funds become available, microwave downlink systems will be installed to provide commanders on the ground with real-time thermal and video images as seen from the airborne platform. Following is a brief description of this specialized equipment:

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FLIR Ultra-8000 Imager

The FLIR Systems, Inc. forward looking infra-red unit mounts underneath the helicopter, and combines a highly sensitive, digital thermal imaging camera with a color video camera inside a single housing. Each camera can be independently zoomed for maximum flexibility and situational awareness. While small in stature, this unit, together with a specialized monitor and digital recording device, comes at a cost of well over $220,000 each. However with this unit we are able to locate missing persons or hiding felons by their heat signatures, regardless of visibility conditions.

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NightSun SX16 Searchlight

This 40,000,000 candlepower search light is mounted under the rear of the helicopter. It's controlled by the Pilot and includes extreme focus, zoom and rotational capabilities. The light may also be filtered for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVG), making the intense light invisible to the human eye while still illuminating the ground when viewed through the NVG's.

   Information on additional equipment will be made available soon...


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