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February 16, 2011: Missing Person Investigation

Missing Person Investigation:

On December 30, the family of Jeanne G. Pike, 60, of Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, filed a missing person report with our department. According to information from her family, she had failed to return home on December 20, 2010. An extensive investigation was immediately commenced by the Winthrop Harbor Police Department, involving numerous interviews of family members and friends, as well as several searches conducted in the area in and around her home.

Investigators could confirm that she was last seen on the day of December 20, 2010. Pike had been involved in previous disappearances, where she would leave her family for long periods of time, not telling them or notifying them of where she was. At the time of her disappearance Pike was receiving psychological medical care. Investigators from the Winthrop Harbor Police Department determined that Pike’s disappearance was not likely the result of foul play, and continued efforts to locate her, including the use of the Air-One, search and rescue helicopter and a search dog from Gurnee Police Department.

On 02/15/2011, at approximately 11:05 a.m., The Winthrop Harbor Police Department received a call from a Union Pacific railroad employee regarding a possible found body, approximately ½ miles north of the Winthrop Harbor Train Station, just west of the railroad tracks, underneath a tree. Investigator Chris Willets, with the assistance of the Lake County Coroner’s office was able to identify the body as Jeanne G. Pike, 50, of Winthrop Harbor. The scene was processed and the remains of Pike were turned over to the Lake County Coroner’s Office pending an autopsy. Pikes body was found under an evergreen tree, in a low lying area near the railroad tracks. The tree not only provided shelter from the snow, but made it difficult for search and rescue teams to spot her from the air. Even though search personnel on foot combed the area around her home, they were not able to find the body which was approximately a mile from her home. It appears that Pike succumbed to the elements well before she was reported missing to authorities.

Further information will be developed pending the results of the autopsy.

Note: Any person charged with an offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law. Persons named herein are merely alleged to have committed the offense(s) they are accused of.

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