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Key Statistics:

View the Marina Master Plan! [PDF]North Point Marina

Winthrop Harbor is home to North Point Marina, the largest fresh water marina in the United States. North Point Marina provides over 1,500 slips and attracts nearly 1,000,000 visitors annually. (Click the image at right to view the North Point Marina Master Plan.)

Village Demographics

The Winthrop Harbor village demographics do not include the anticipated population increase that will result from a planned and approved housing increase of over 600 units by 2009. Additionally, the population numbers do not include the annual summer increase of over 3,000 boaters at North Point Marina.
7,100 (2005)
8,900 (2010) Increase of 25%
Household Budget:
Median Income:
$68,000 (2005)
$79,000 (2010)

Download Near Market Demo's [PDF]Near Market Demographics

The near market consists of the area North to 93rd Street, Kenosha, South to Route 173, Zion, and West to Greenbay Road with a drive time to Sheridan Road and 9th Street of three to four minutes.
(Click the image at right to download near market details.)
26,000 (2005)
28,000 (2010) Increase of 7.6%
Household Budget:
Median Income:
$65,000 (2005)
$76,000 (2010)

Download Ring Demo's [PDF]5-Mile Ring Demographics

(Click the image at right to download ring details.)
62,000 (2005)
67,000 (2010) Increase of 8.1%
Household Budget:
Median Income:
$61,000 (2005)
$70,500 (2010)

Additional data on Winthrop Harbor, IL (click here)

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