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Chief Ron Levin served the residents and visitors of Winthrop Harbor for over 50 years... more than half a century! He began as a firefighter on July 7, 1963 and worked his way through the ranks until being appointed Fire Chief in July of 2009.

Chief Levin served as a mentor and leader to countless firefighters and EMT's over the years. Some decided to pursue a career in the service and went on to full time positions at other departments, and some stayed part time here at Winthrop Harbor for may years.

Ron also was counted on for having a story about everything, and even during stressful times was good at keeping a level head and making others feel comfortable with the situation. Ron decided to retire in late 2013, but still often came to the station to chat with the staff.

Chief Levin passed away at home with family by his side on June 16, 2015. 50 years of emergency service to one community is something we may never see again; Chief Levin was truly a special part of Winthrop Harbor.

Samuel L. Taylor, Sr.Born on January 21, 1928, Samuel L. Taylor, Sr. served the citizens of Winthrop Harbor for over 22 years. Joining the department in 1959, Taylor brought many skills and enthusiasm to his fellow members.

On October 28, 1981, while on the scene of a residential fire, Taylor suffered a major heart attack. Attempts to revive him at the scene by his fellow firefighters were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after, at age 53.

In the 60 year history of the department, Samuel L. Taylor Sr. has been the only firefighter to die in the line of duty. Over 30 area fire departments and 200 firefighters participated in the fire department funeral.

Taylor's helmet still rests in the corridor of the fire stations, as a reminder to all when duty calls.

William MarabellaWilliam Marabella served the citizens of Winthrop Harbor for over 42 years. Marabella assisted in the creation of the department in 1949, as one of the original 22 members of the department. Moving up in the ranks, he held the position of Assistant Chief for a time. His leadership was very helpful over the years, and he was very well respected.

After returning home from heart surgery in Milwaukee, Marabella became ill. On May 29, 2991, the fire department responded to his home where he was weak and having difficulty breathing. While both his friends and coworkers from the fire department cared for him, he collapsed. The Zion Fire and Rescue Department was called for ALS care, and he was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead, at age 68.

Marabella was the last active charter member on the Fire Department when he died. He proudly dedicated over 42 years of his life to the citizens of Winthrop Harbor.

Marabella's helmet still rests in the corridor of the fire station, as a reminder to all when duty calls.

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