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Fire Prevention / Fire Inspection Divisions

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for the enforcement of all local Ordinances regarding fire safety. Special inspections are made in conjunction with the Building Inspector when new commercial businesses are under construction and again at the time of occupancy. Existing buildings are also inspected any time there is a change in occupancy. This is to ensure that all regulations are met by the new owner, and also gives the Fire Inspector an opportunity to meet with the occupants and exchange useful information. Some of the different occupancies that are inspected are apartment buildings, churches, schools, motels, the Marina and other businesses around town.

The Fire Department also performs fire pre-plans. Pre-plans are useful ways to study and prepare for a particular building if a situation were to arise. Using a digital camera, the Fire Department can take pictures of different businesses around the village and make visual notes of special hazards, gas and electric shut-off locations, exits, etcetera. These photos can then be uploaded to computers for quick reference whenever needed.

Lead by Assistant Chief Alicia McCoy, the Fire Prevention Division sees participation from all members of the Fire Department. This is a very important part of the fire service. Proper fire prevention can save lives and property. Each year, the department participates in Fire Prevention Week, a nation wide program in which all fire departments dedicate a week to teaching children about fire safety. Feel free to contact Asst. Chief McCoy [e-mail] with any questions or requests.

This particular week is in remembrance of the Great Chicago Fire, October 8, 1871. Each year, our Fire Department travels to the schools and educates children on fire safety. The week is ended with an open house at the fire station. But fire prevention is not only held to that one week, it's a year-round activity that stresses the dangers of fire, the proper use of smoke detectors, and how to react when your home is on fire.

Smoke Detectors

If you have a smoke detector that you need help installing, or if you need help with changing batteries, please call the Fire Dept. at 847-872-5957 between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday to set up an appointment. We will be glad to send out a crew to assist you. Chief Stried stresses the importance of having working smoke detectors with fresh batteries in your home. If you do not have a smoke detector and cannot afford one, the Fire Dept. can provide one to you at no-charge.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Residents are also reminded that effective January 1, 2007, a new Illinois State statute requires that all residential dwellings are required to have at least one carbon-monoxide alarm installed within 15 feet of every room used for sleeping purposes. For details, read the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act - (430 ILCS 135).

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Lock Box for Immediate Access

The Fire Dept. also has designed a program for those who utilize a "Medical Alerting" type of device to summon help during a medical emergency. We have found at times, upon our notification through the medical alerting company, that the person activating the device is unable to get to the door to let us in. We then have to break in to render aid. Our program consists of a portable "lock box" which is attached to your door with a key locked inside which only the Fire Dept. can access. With this program we can immediately enter the residence and render aid to the victim.

These lock-boxes are available through the Fire Department, please contact Chief Stried [e-mail] for further details if interested. We may be reached at 847-872-5957. This is an ongoing program that has been funded through donations. Any donations are also greatly appreciated to help continue this worthwhile project.

CPR / AED Training

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